Friday, 25 November 2011

Use Google Places to put your business on the map in time for Christmas

Christmas is fast-approaching and businesses will be hoping to capitalise on the potential extra income that the festive season offers. As the nights draw in and the weather gets worse location becomes more important to customers, whether they’re trying to find the closest restaurant to the office for the work Christmas party, or looking for that perfect pressie on the local high street. Standing out to customers in the location they need you could be your key to a successful Christmas period, and keep customers coming back well into the new year!

Google Places gives you a way to create a free profile for your business that shows customers your exact location, opening hours, contact information, and photos. The profile gets integrated into Google Maps so customers can find their way to you with ease.

Google Places is perfect for customers searching on their mobiles. Imagine a weary Christmas shopper turning to their mobile for guidance, Google Places could supply that person with your business name, location, opening hours and even customer reviews. Now their valuable time has been saved and a new customer is walking through your door. This doesn’t just apply to Christmas shoppers, people looking for services, such as garages, plumbers and beauticians, are all searching by location. With 20% of Google searches being geographical ones, this is an untapped market for businesses who aren’t yet on Google Places.

Follow these 3 basic steps to set up your Google Places page:

  1. Sign up and submit your business information on Google Places.
  2. Verify your listing by phone or postcard.
  3. Wait for your listing to appear on Google. Verification can take up to two weeks, get your account now so as not to lose out on the Christmas rush!
Or make an appointment at the Google Juice Bar and they will go through the process with you.

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