Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Meet Google's Partners in Liverpool

Liverpool Vision
Max Steinberg, chief executive of Liverpool Vision, the city’s economic development company, said: “There is strong evidence that no matter how small the business, or in what sector it operates, even a basic understanding of how to exploit web and email technology is a real driver for growth. We are working closely with Google because it is another opportunity to reach out to our businesses to help them improve their efficiency through better use of technology.   A solid base of growing businesses is fundamental to the health of the city region.” 
W: Twitter: @LiverpoolVision

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce
Jenny Stewart, Head of Client Services at Liverpool Chamber of Commerce said: "We see a great demand from our members for information on how to make best use of email and internet to develop sales and promote business growth. We are keen to promote these events, provided by one of the biggest players in the online industry, to ensure that the businesses in the region make full use of the advantages that this technology can offer."
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Downtown Liverpool in Business:
Frank McKenna, Chairman at Downtown Liverpool said: “Downtown Liverpool is delighted to be working alongside a world class brand such as Google, and we hope to ensure that the wider Liverpool business community benefits from their expertise through this exciting series of events.”  
W: Twitter: @Downtownbusines

Women In Business
Elaine Owen, Director at Women In Business said: “Women in Business are delighted and very excited to be involved with Google. Women’s use of technology and internet based business activity is a growth area.  Google bringing their knowledge and skills to the Liverpool City Region to share with businesses here can only be a great thing.  Get involved!”
W: Twitter: @WIB_NW

Liverpool FSB
John Allan, Regional Chairman at the FSB said: “The FSB is a firm believer in small businesses being the engine driving the economy. As the biggest small business member organisation across the region, any initiative which fine tunes the engine must be good. Getting businesses online with Google provides Liverpool City Region with a unique opportunity to trade locally, nationally and internationally.”
W: Twitter: @FSBMWCW

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