Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Top tips when starting out in Business

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Top tips starting out in business

When starting your own business you'll be bombarded with advice; some of it helpful and some of it not so much. We’ve pulled together some top tips which will hopefully help you with your first venture.

   1. It’s all about focus

Starting a business is an exciting prospect and you're likely to be brimming with ideas, but be wary of jumping on every idea you have for your fledgling business, as this could divert you from the core element of your venture. Trying to juggle too many ideas will impact on your effectiveness and productivity; remember that it's better to do one thing brilliantly, than five things badly.

   2. Know what you do, do what you know

When you look at successful entreprenures they all become successful doing something that you understand and ideally love doing. If you build a business around your strengths, then you are more likely to succeed in the long term. Don’t just think about making money, you have to live and breathe your business, so you have to be happy working on it every day.

   3. If you can’t say it in 30 seconds, don’t bother

If you're invited to any networking opportunity; whether it’s with potential investors or a potential customer, you must be able to quickly and concisely pitch your business. See it as an ‘elevator pitch’. You have 30 seconds with which to state your mission, service and goals. Make sure that you don’t reel off the same thing each time; tailor it to who you’re speaking to, an investor will want to know something completely different to a customer.

   4. Get online

A website is essential to any business selling products or offering a service, but getting a web developer on board can be costly. You can get a free website and domain name for a year through Google’s Getting British Business Online campaign. Head for more information.

   5. No one will just give you money

In today’s economic climate it's going to be very difficult to get hold of large sums of capital to launch your business. When looking for investment think about your starting point. It’s not about your end point, you need to demonstrate your worth first.

   6. Know when to quit

It’s OK to admit if your idea doesn't go exactly as you planned, so don’t keep ploughing ahead for the sake of pride. If it isn’t working, then it is time to look at what went wrong and learn from the mistakes. Don’t be put off because you didn’t get it right first time, it happens to most successful entrepreneurs.

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