Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Get loyal customers online

Many small local business depend on loyal customers, not only to spend money with them regularly, but to tell people about the business and to help drum up more custom. In the offline world this means getting to know the customers who regularly walk through your door, finding out more about the people who buy your products, or perhaps even offering customers rewards for their loyalty. This translates to the internet and as you transfer parts of your business online it's easy to create plenty of opportunities to maintain your regular clients and to gain a whole new set of loyal customers.

A direct line to customers
Interacting with customers through social media is one way businesses increase loyalty online. Responding directly to feedback from a customer through a social network gives your business that human character that earned you your loyalty offline. People respond just as positively to this in the online world. Don't forget the Google Juice Bar can get you set up and give you a crash course on using Social Media for your business. 
Gauging opinions
Customers are now more likely than ever to share their experience of a shop, a restaurant or of any service provider using social media. This means you can thank people for their positive comments as well as providing a prompt resolution if something negative arises. This can make all the difference in gaining and keeping loyal customers. Consumers now hold a lot of sway over how a business is represented online, embracing this is important as you begin using social media to promote and provide information about your business.
Incentives such as competitions, coupons or loyalty schemes can encourage new customers to use your service and to think of you the next time around. Setting up a free profile on Google Places will allow customers to share their loyalty in the form of a review, or by sending your business’ details to friends. You can also list special offers and coupons on your business’ page on Google Places that can be used by customers when they visit you in person. Offering certain deals exclusively through online sources can be a great way of building a loyal base of returning customers online. Sign up for a free Google Places page.

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